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Tourism products

Eastern Rhodopes - tourist map

The map presents all tourist sites of the Eastern Rhodopes, possibilities for hiking and biking, information on the travel centers. It fully covers ten municipalities -...  Read more

Price: 3 euro / 1 item


Eastern Rhodopes Guidebook

This is the first ever guidebook to the Eastern Rhodopes. The Eastern Rhodopes are a region in Southeastern Bulgaria where a huge historical, cultural and natural...  Read more

Price: 12.5 euro / 1 item


Crossbill Guidebook: A Guide to the Eastern Rhodopes

The Eastern Rhodopes (in Bulgaria and Greece) are described in 256 pages with18 routes: 10 in Bulgaria and 8 in Greece. Most are car routes with short walks, and half – full...  Read more

Price: 23 euro / 1 item


TRANSRHODOPI, the newest tourist map to the Rhodopes

The map presents the most recent and up to date information on biking and walking routes in the Rhodopes mountains (from the Trigrad to Ivaylovgrad). 1:85000. Issued in 2013. The...  Read more

Price: 4 euro / 1 item