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Travel services

  • Local travel agencies specializing in offering services related to adventure tourism in the Rhodopes Mountains


Gaby Tour Ltd, Kardzhali - travel agency for trips, marketing, advertising and expert advices in the field of tourism. Specialists in all outdoor adventures - hiking and biking, special eco-trails, cultural and historical tours, rural tourism, folklore shows and more.

Tel: + 359 361 67620, fax: + 359 361 67621, e-mail:, web-site:, blog:




Conservation Center "Eastern Rhodopes" - the center is located in the town of Madzharovo. It's managed by the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds. They offer for rent guides, kayaks, bicycles and equipment for vulture observation. The cener has a restaurant "Kartal" and several guest rooms. There is arranged interesting exhibition about the region's biodiversity. Contact: +359877656515,




Tourist Information Centre "Visit Kardzhali", Kardzhali - located on the main boulevard in the town of Kardzhali. Offers any tourist information about the region, hotel reservations, souvenirs, maps, guidebooks and books for Kardzhali and the Rhodopes, rent-a-car, etc.. Contact Tel: +359889552994, e-mail:, website:





Tourist information center "Ivaylovgrad" - located in Mutafchiev's house in the old part of Ivaylovgrad near the library. Offers any information on Ivaylovgrad region, hotel reservations, rental of guides and bicycles, tourist literature. Contact Tel: +359882296410, +359884168365, website:






Company "Madzharovo Nature" - local travel agency in Madzharovo offering hide for monitoring of vultures, shuttle bus 4x4, eco guide and kayaking in Arda river. Phone Contact: +359887941698


1. Eco trail Bolyartsi to Perperikon (2,5 h)Municipality of Kardzhali, Eastern RhodopesMore than 5 millennia ago, ancient people started...

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Birds in Eastern Rhodopes

Eastern Rhodopes are one of the richest, in terms of ornithological highlights in Europe. Because of its location on the edge of the European...

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