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Bike Route Rudopia

The Rudopia (Рудопия) is a 440 km long mountain bike route, marked with arrows and signs in the Rhodopi mountains, developed by the bike association "Bikearea".




The Rudopia route is selected for light bikers - it is relaxed riding through the Rhodopi mountain. Nevertheless there are parts where you can ride in full gear if you want. The route starts in the Western part of the Rhodopi mountains, cross from Western into the Eastern part and finishes in the very Eastern Rhodopi mountain.

Start location: Velingrad, South Bulgaria (757 m)

End location: Mezek, South Bulgaria (147 m)

 Bikearea provides accompanying transport for these tours and you only need to take your daily luggage with you – a bottle of water, some food for the day and basic bike repair parts and tools.

In case of more severe bike break down you just have to get your bike to the nearest road that is accessible by the accompanying bus and that’s usually less than 10 kilometers.

Equipment needed includes:

  • Bike parts, tools and accessories;
  • Hiking gear like tent, sleeping pad and sleeping bag;
  • Clothes, personal hygiene items and med pack;
  • Food and many liters of water.


Bike route metrics:

Total distance in km - 440

Total climb in m - 8.047

Avg. ascending slope in % - 2,33

Total descent in m - 8.658



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