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Madzharovo is a small Eastern Rhodopean town with approximately 500 inhabitants. The town is named after its protector from 1913 - Dimitar Madzharov. Back at these days around 20 thousands Bulgarian refugees from Aegian Thrace were expelled from their land. They were seeking path to their country, here in the then village of Yatadzhik, but they were ambushed by Turkish bashibazouk. Over 2000 women and children died. The salvation of the rest is due the unparalleled bravery of Dimitar Madzharov and Rusi Slavov, who lead hundreds other defenders of their kin and homeland.      

As gratitude, the town is named after its savior and the memory of the dead is honored near the beautiful Pantheon, dedicated to this event. Near it stands a small but beautiful church.

Madzharovo is literally located in the center of volcano’s crater, erupted over 35 million years ago. As a result of the volcanic activity, in the rocks around the city are found precious and semiprecious stones. It is this natural wealth that has determined the city's development under socialism as a mining center. And even today, traces of the active work in the mines are still visible.

While in Madzharovo don’t miss to visit:

The nature conservation center of BSPB in the town, after the bridge of Arda river. Here you will learn about the lives of birds of prey and conservation of the biodiversity in the region. You can even rent a canoe for adventure in the Arda River or bike to enjoy one of the nearby biking trails.

The nature area “Kovan kaya” is located on the bank of Arda river, east of the town of Madzharovo. The place is declared as nature area for protection of rare and endangered plants and animals. This is one of the few places in Bulgaria, where Griffon and Egyptian vultures are nesting and where Black vultures are coming for food from the Greek parts of the Rhodopes. Here can be seen Black Storks and many southern species like the Blue Rock-Thrush, Rock Nuthatch and many reptiles like the endangered tortoise. Different nature conservation organizations are involved in the protection of the impressive biodiversity – Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds, Green Balkans, ARK - Netherland etc.

The area called “Okopa” is knows with the discovered here early Christian sanctuary, inhabited by Thracians. Later on the same place was built the first early Christian church in the Rhodopes.

Borislavtsi Village is perched on the bank of lake Ivaylovgrad - here you can rent a boat for trip or fishing.

Near the village of Dolno cherkovishte are located interesting rock niches in protected site Pchelen kamak (honey rock).

In the area of village Dolni Glavanak, stands the “Cromleh”. Cromlechs are large boulders surrounding oval area. The most popular monument of this kind is Stonehenge in Britain. The Bulgarian version is in the region of Madzharovo. A well marked trail about 500 meters long, leads to the hill’s top, where the ancient Thracians performed their rituals and sacrifices.

Be sure to also stop by the "Wild Farm" in the village of Gorno Pole. The farm is unusual – its owners offer rural tourism, horse riding, mountain hikes, gathering of wild mushrooms, herbs and more. Their herd of over 500 short-horned cattle lives in freedom all year long. Near the village is Furnadzhika area that is home to Thracian rock tomb and probably oldest rock relief dated to 6-5 millenniums BC.

In Hisarya area you can visit the chapel “saints Kiril and Metodiy”, near which there is a spring with healing waters. Legends suggest that the spring is known throughout the whole region. They talk about the place and “Momina skala” (maiden’s rock) rising above Madzharovo and named after the beautiful maiden who threw herself from the rock to protect from harm her honor and dignity.

But once you get into the region of the small municipality along Arda river, you keep forever incredible memories. Because, here you meet free vultures, tombs and mounds, castles, precious stones, calm waters, beautiful scenery and legends. And you too shall feel the power of their attraction, whether you have, or you are about to walk the “Path of the sun”, here, in Madzharovo.

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