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The Yamantiev Cellar - Ivaylovgrad

The cellar is wholly private property and has its traditions in the making of quality red wine. It is located in the town of Ivaylovgrad, in the most eastern parts of the Eastern Rhodopes, in the south of Bulgaria. Both the Mediterranean and the White Sea are just 70 km away and the so-called “white wind” coming from them has an exceptionally benevolent effect on the grapes’ aroma.

The area is half of it hilly, with cinnamon forest soils. The vineyards are 800 acres, of which 350 grow the Cabernet-Sauvignon sort, and some 300 the Merlot sort, 110 the Pamid sort, and the rest grow other sorts. The vineyards are owned by private farmers and small proprietors, united in the Ivaylovgrad Vine Growers and Wine Producers’ Association. The vineyards are 12-20 years old and the grapes have high technological indices. The region has a mild climate, without sharp changes in temperature, and the rainfall is evenly spread throughout the year, which makes for the combination of a good preserved aroma, juiciness, high tint content and mature tannins in the grapes.

Part of the produce mellows in local oak casks, with a quality similar to the one imported from France from the Bordeaux area. The wines made by this cellar are intensely colored, quite dense, with a concentrated aroma that is warm and characteristically southern, and a significant potential for long seasoning. No matter if young or seasoned, these wines are very attractive and interesting. It’s hard to mistake them for the produce of other cellars.
One of the cellar’s wines is called Stone Lake Cabernet-Sauvignon 2000: this is a selected lot of harvest 2000 which was a good year for the wine. A very rich taste and aroma. 80% of the wines made in Ivaylovgrad are exported abroad.

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