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The Rocky Window

Location: Located in the Big coomb of village Kostino, Kardzhali, in an area with outstanding landscapes and views of Kardzhali dam lake. It is a natural form, formed under the influence of violent waters passing under it. The height of the bridge is 10 meters, 15 meters in length and width of 7 meters, the thickness of the roadway is 1,5 m.

Origins: In the recent geological past, its columns were three, but natural forces have divided carriageway between the second and third column and today the last one looks like big stone mushroom cap which is part of the roadway. The three pillars are equally high, built of massive green volcanic tuffs without layering. The roadway is white, thin carved from white limestone, very resistant to erosion. This is why it sticks out above the columns. The Rocky Window is at the same age as the Stone Wedding and the stone mushrooms. It’s formed from similar materials and in a similar manner. In the Big coomb of Kostino is also one of the most beautiful agates in the Eastern Rhodopes. Nearby is the Cave Womb.

Status: Declared for protected natural landmark in 1979.

Access: With car – through the town of Kardzhali in direction toward the village of Enchets and the lake of Kardzhali; on the main road Haskovo – Kardzhali turn right at the traffic police checkpoint near the village of Skalna Glava. At 700 m from an asphalt road. A walking trail starts from the lodge Borovitsa.

Chernata Skala (the Black Rock)

The Chernata Skala protected site has an area of 893.70 ha. It was established with Order No:RD-473 of 11.07.2001 by the Ministry of the...



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