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The Stone Wedding

Location: Located near the village of Zimzelen, aroud 3 km east from Kardzhali. It’s noticeable from far away because of the specific coloring of the rock in white and pink, caused by the content of metal oxides. Several different stone figures are noticeable – people, horses, birds and others according to your imagination.

Origins: The formation of this natural composition is commenced 40 million years ago when the Eastern Rhodopes were bottom of warm, shallow sea, plagued by continuous volcanic activity. When the water moves away, various forms under the influence of sun and wind begin to form for over millions of years. So now we can enjoy this wonderful natural phenomenon which has been declared a protected site in 1974.
The Legend of the Stone wedding states that this is a wedding procession, petrified by nature, disturbed by the sinful thoughts of the bride’s father in law.

Access: It is reachable by car from the town of Kardzhali through the graveyard on the way to the village of Zimzelen. It is 100 m from an asphalt road. Walking trails start from the town of Kardzhali, Shiroko Pole, Solishte and Ivantsi.


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