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Regional museum of history

Location: town of Kardzhali.

Description: The museum was created in 1965 for research, preservation and promotion of cultural heritage of the Eastern Rhodopes. The fund held more than 30,000 objects from archaeological excavations, objects, photos and documents related to the history of the region.

Currently the exhibition is located in a building that itself is a magnificent architectural work and is a monument of culture. It was built in 20 years of XX century and is decorated in Asian style. It was designed for Muslim school, what never happens. Currently hosts one of the most beautiful Bulgarian museums with a total exhibition area of 1300 square meters in three sections - Archeology, Ethnography and Nature. The garden is richly planted with rare plant and Eastern species. On the lawns are exposed numerous objects found in excavations and field surveys.

Status:  Declared for cultural monument. The site has an entrance fee.

Access: In the North end of Kardzhali, near aspahalt road.


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