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Thracian complex “The Deaf Stones”

Location: 6-7 km southwest of the village Malko gradishte. 

Description: one of the biggest cult - burial complexes in the Eastern Rhodopes. It originated in the early Iron Age (XII - VI centuries BC.) And was used during Antiquity and Middle Ages. Situated on four rocks, separated by deep gorges. Occupies a central place hewn into the rock tomb of a prominent representative of the Thracian aristocracy. Staircase on which the funeral procession was passing, leads to the top of the rock. There is a large carved rectangular pool, serving most likely for water supply. All the surrounding cliffs are dotted with rock niches, whose number exceeds 200. There are urns containing the ashes of deceased representatives of the lower classes. The whole complex was surrounded by a wall of stones without mortar, whose foundations are preserved. Megalithic complex "The Deaf Stones" was one of the most - important Thracian sanctuaries. His magical influence is felt today, a breathtaking view of the lake Ivaylovgrad reinforces the sense of something mysterious and supernatural.

Status: Declared for cultural monument with national importance and protected by the law.
at 3 km from asphalt road, the site is reached by walking trail.


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