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Open doors weekend in the Eastern Rhodopes in April

The NTG network in the Eastern Rhodopes opens its B&B's, farms and attractions to guests, tourists, local people and friends on 26 and 27 April 2014.

We would like to present the achievements of the NTG five-year work in the region: not with talks, but with concrete results, activities, attractions, events and tours prepared by our network participants.

The doors are open for everyone and you are warmly welcomed at various locations, like “The Wild Farm” in the village of Gorno Pole and the model farm in the village of Topolovo, “The Tepavitsa” B&B in the village of Rabovo, the guest house and winery “Bakalnitsa Trakya” in the village of Popovets, the unique tahini factory in the village of Kondovo, the “ Road of the cheese” attraction in the village of Pelevun.

You can also visit the Vulture Centre in the town of Madzharovo, where NTG helped updating the nature expo recently.

Don't miss the opportunity to see the two nature icons which were successfully brought back to the Eastern Rhodopes: the tarpan wild horses in the village of Sbor (Krumovgrad Municipality) and the European bisons in the Studen Kladenets Reserve! See also the herd of Karakachan horses near the village of Kostilkovo.

Follow our website and facebook page for more and more detailed information:

Looking forward to see you at NTG’s OPEN DOORS Weekend in the Eastern Rhodopes on 26 and 27 April 2014! Come and join us, enjoy the marvelous nature of the Eastern Rhodopes and taste the fine products of our organic farmers. Witness what the NTG network has achieved with the financial support of the Dutch Postcode Lottery!

The event is organized with the media partnership of


See here the detailed programme:


The organic tahini factory in the village of Kondovo, Ivaylovgrad Municipality
The first ever in Bulgaria organic tahini factory will be open for visitors on 26 and 27 April from 10 to 16 hrs. The guests will have the opportunity to witness the process of the tahini production, to taste and buy tahini and sesame. A kilo of tahini costs 13 BGN and the visit to the factory is included in this prize. You can receive information about the production of organic rye and wheat, organic sesame and nuts, and also buy those products. Contact Krastyo Deliivanov:, 0885 721341 and 0885 721865.


Karakachan horses and The road of the cheese in Ivaylovgrad area
In both of the days of the NTG open doors weekend at 11 o'clock in the center of the village of Pelevun begins the horse watching tour. The farmer Todor will wait for you at the information panel in the central square of Pelevun. He will lead you to Kostilkovo and take you on a nice nature tour in the area where you will dive into the wild Karakachan horses territories, will watch them roaming freely, and will learn how they live and what is their role as natural grazers of the Eastern Rhodopes nature. The nature area features its rich biodiversity, os you will also enjoy the meeting with a lot of reptiles, turtles, insects, butterflies, orhcids, etc. After the tour, Todor brings you back to Pelevun, where another farmer Miro and his family would already prepare a table with homemade meals and milk products from their own sheep farm. The farmer Miro will explain more on the Road of the cheese in his adventures farm.Both with Todor will appreciate if you call in advance: Todor: + 359 884 004 705 and Miro: +359 885 410 032. There are sometimes dfficulties with the mobile coverage in the village of pelevun, so just in case you can write an e-mail:


Bison, deer and vultures in Studen Kladenets Reserve
During the NTG Weekend in Studen Kladenets Reserve, you can visit the first European bisons in Bulgaria. They were reintroduced to the Eastern Rhodopes in October 2013 within the NTG frameworkand financially supported by the America for Bulgaria Foundation. The bisons are temporarely in an acclimatization enclosure. We'll tell you about these unique animals, which are iconic for the comeback of wildlife in Europe. During the two days the Studen Kladenets team will additionnaly organize a safari to the red deer and fallow deer in the heart of the reserve. These safari groups will leave at 15.30 from the sheep barns in Studen Kladenets Reserve and they will have the unique opportunity to watch deer at their feeding grounds. NTG experts and team members will informyou about the unique biodiversity in Studen Kladenets and show you vultures and other rare bird around. On April 26th, we can join the national campaign "Let's clean Bulgaria in a day” and clean up the area around the dam lake. Contact Dessislava Kostadinova: 0889 167902 and Stefan Avramov: 0877 511577
Hunting Reserve “Studen Kladenets“ – Georgi Sheremetev:; 0889279801
and Nanovitsa Lodge: 0887 200094 and 0887 959197


The Vulture Center in Madzharovo expects you from 10 to 17 PM on 26 and 27 April. You can watch vultures with telescopes and binoculars, visit the interactive exhibition, which was recently renewed with NTG support and attend film screenings and presentations. All the activities in the Vulture Center are free of charge during this special Weekend. Contact person: Temenuzhka - 0885 516633.


The NTG model organic farm in the village of Topolovo, Madzharovo Municipality
The demonstration organic farm in the village of Topolovo of Krassimir Arabadzhiev, a.k.a as Kasim, will be open for visitors on 26 and 27 April from 10.00 to 16.00 hrs. Guests and visitors will have the opportunity to see various activities: demonstration of the production of fertilizer from Californian worms (solid and liquid fertilizer is for sale), demonstration of spinning wool, milking sheep, etc. Visitors will have the possibility to buy wool, to taste tea from wild and cultivated organic herbs, organic honey and as well honey from the organic certified bee hives of Enver Hyussein from the neighboring village of Rumelia. Both, Enver and Kassim plan to demonstrate the attraction 'The way of the organic honey'. You can witness it and buy honey, as well. The guest house of Enver will be opened to tourists. Tickets per visitors of the demofarm: 5 BGN. Contact Kassim: 0884475821 and Enver: 0886458522.


The organic orchard in the village pf Zvinitsa, Municipality of Kardzhali
The organic orchard of Georgi Koychev will be open for visitors on both days of the Weekend from 10.00 to 16.00 hours. The guests will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the rich agrobiodiversity in the organic the production fields where apples, apricots and other fruits are grown. Tasting of organic fruits is planned, as well. You will have the opportunity to receive information about the organic farms in the area and their products. You can also enjoy the organic wines of Georgi Shishkov and wine producers from the Stambolovo region. Tickets: 5 BGN per person. Contact Georgi Koychev: 0886692371.


The fish farm in the village of Madrets
In the village of Madrets a local family breeds fish in the nearby small lake and offers a trout meal, prepared by a special recipe. This is the most delicious trout in the whole Rhodopes mountains. During the Oped doors weekend the family proposes to its guests:

Saturday: 11:00 - take part in the preparation of a turkish baklava as well as the baking of the trout fish in the special stone oven. If you ever wondered how this incredble taste of the baklava is made - this is your chance to get it. The culinary lesson end with a lunch and eating of the baklava and the trout which preparation you were involved in. The whole attraction and eating makes 15 leva per person.
13:00, Saturday again - demonstration of how the honey is extracted from the beehive. The bravest ones can wear the special suit and take the honey from the beehive of their own. Then you will be awarded with a small jar of honey. All this for 8 leva per person.
15:00 - One hour boating tour on the lake of Madrets plus carp fishing for 10 leva per person.

Sunday: The program is the same, just instead of baklava the host woman will show you how she makes special pancakes. The family would love it if you call or e-mail them before you go: + 359 899 618 901, The family also offers cozy rooms in their guest house in the village of Madrets. The village itself is located 5 km away from the archaeological complex of Perperikon. Welcome!


Guest house and winery "Bakalnitsa Trakia" in Popovets, Municipality of Stambolovo
"Bakalnitsa Trakia", the guest house and winery of Dimo Karaboyukov will offer wine tasting from 11 to 16 hours on both days of the NTG Weekend. Traditional products will be offered: wine from organic grapes "Uncle Dimo homemade wine" (red and white), homemade goat, sheep and cow cheeses. You will have the chance to taste the characteristic regional trakiiska banitsa (Thracian pie). Dimo offers you tasting rose and special white wine as a bonus. Tickets: 5 BGN per person. Contact Dimo and mobile 0887 781 022


Tepavitsata” Guest House
At 12 o`clock on both days of the NTG Weekend you can witness bread making from spelt in a very old traditional way. If you could arrive earlier, enjoy the unique opportunity to make spelt bread yourself. Petko and Stefka Angelov, the owners of “Tepavitsata” will provide you with flour of their gluten free organic certified spelt. All guests will taste delicious fresh spelt bread! You will also have the chance to taste more home made organic products: spelt candies, spelt pita bread, organic pasta, butter, tea from local herbs. Package price per person: 15.00 BGN. Contact Petko Angelov: 0897 439547


Wild horses near the town of Krumovgrad
During the NTG Open Doors Weekend you will have the unique opportunity to experience the wild beauty of one of the most magnificent places in the Eastern Rhodopes: the area of the abandoned village Sbor. In the autumn of 2011, a herd of wild horse, a rebreed of the wild European horse tarpan, has been settled here. On 26 and 27 April 2014 at 15 hrs. the Mladenovi farmer family will expect you on the road at the turn to Sbor village and bring you to the wild horses, the rare local cattle bread and the spring beauty of the wilderness area around Sbor. Contact Anka Mladenova: 0887 010 213


 “The Wild Farmof Betty and Nicky in the village of Gorno Pole, Madzharovo Municiplaity
26 April
9: Breakfast
10: Horse and donkey riding, visit the protected site “Cehrnata Skala”(Black Rock) with a beautiful view to the canyon, collecting rare minerals.
13: Lunch. Tasting home made organic dishes.
14,30: Cooking traditional local dishes: maslenitsa, saralii, veal in a ceramic pot.
16,30: Karakachan wool felting workshop and/or a walk to Kromlech.
19: Helping in the farm work
20: Dinner with the self cooked dishes and afterwards folk dances and karaoke with folk songs.

 27 April
07: Helping in the farm and watching Egyptian vultures
09: Breakfast
10: A walk to the bee hives, tasting organic honey. A visit to the Thracian tomb Furnadzhika. On the way back you will enjoy the magnificent panoramic view to the protected site Kovan Kaya where vultures nest.
13: Lunch
14,30: Folk dancing lessons, culinary or felting activities. A lecture on organic food.
17,30: Visit to the Vulture Centre, a lecture on biodiversity of the region and watching vultures.
Contact Betty Vassilieva:; 0886 963512


Rope garden in the central park of the town of Kardzhali
In the period from 23 to 27 April, our partners from the Books&Adventures house will offer interesting outdoor activities in the central park of Kardzhali. Rope garden, alpine trolley, and biking tours are among the attractions. Price per person will be 5 leva. 


Tourist information center Ivaylovgrad also joined our NTG weekend on 26 - 27 April offering interesting sites visits and acitivities. You may combine them according to your wishes. Minimum people included in the groups must be 7 people.

- Organized visit of Ancient vila Armira with a tour guide from the TIC – Price: 5 leva PP.

- Dive in the magic of the local traditions in the village of Svirachi – in the local cultural house old ladies from the village will sing folklore songs, will present some performances and will offer delicious local food - Price: 10 leva PP.

- Visit of the Regional Museum of History where all interesting artefacts connected with archaeology, history and traditions of Ivaylovgrad area are exposed. Visit of the Ethnographical museum Paskaleva kashta in Ivaylovgrad - it is housed in a lovely traditional style house from the period when Ivaylovgrad was the main silk producing area of Bulgaria (end of XIX century). Price for both: 5 leva PP.

- Bike tour to the orchids meadow above Ivaylovgrad – on a hill nearby the old town of Ivaylovgrad, a lovely nature sites is located. It features wild flowers and panoramic views. The bike adventure starts from the tourist information center of Ivaylovgrad, ride on asphalt road for 2 km then another 2 km on a dirt road until you reach the orchids place with panoramic view over the whole town of Ivaylovgrad. The wild flowers to be seen include Ophrys mammosa, Himantoglossum caprium and Orchis papilionacea. The tour takes 3 hours, bike rental and guiding is included. It is suitable for all types of bikers, including photo safari and beautiful landscape lovers.The price is 10 leva PP with minimum 7 people included in the tour.

For more information and bookings: Krasi Dimitrov – +359 883 460 097,

Accommodation places in and nearby Ivaylovgrad can be found on our website here.









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