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The Wild Farm of Betty and Nikolay Vassilievi

In their new guest house Betty and Nikolay can accommodate guests in six rooms. The family combines various entrepreneurial interests. In addition to hospitality and tourism the Wild Farm is specialised in organic farming. Currently, they breed more than 450 Rodopi Shorthorn cattle and Bulgarian Grey cattle (both protected breeds), sheep and horses. Their farm has an organic farming certification for the veal, honey and vegetables from their garden and also for the pastures where the animals graze.

Besides delicious organic and local food Vassilievi's family offers numerous activities - horseback riding, boating, picnics in the forest, searching for honey from wild bees, catching a wild cattle with a lasso, watching vultures, which can be seen from their backyard...

The guests of Wild Farm can taste Betty's specialty of veal cooked in a pumpkin and many local dishes. In 2012, the family hosted two NTG events, the Culinary Days  in the Eastern Rhodopes 1 and 2 where they exchanged experience with two chefs from the Netherlands Eric van Veluwven and Carolina Verhoeven.

Vasiliev's family is very active in all three components of the project New Thracian Gold: they develop ecotourism, produce organic products and grow in a natural way cattle of local breeds.

"Wild Farm" is partner of the New Thracian Gold network in the Eastern Rhodopes. You can contact Betty and Nikolay at:

Gorno Pole village, Madzharovo Munipality, tel. +359 (0)886963512,


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