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Enver Yusein’s place in the village of Rumelia

Enver Yusein and his wife  accept visitors in their own tidy house in the village of Rumelia, which is about 2 km from the model organic farm of Krassimir Arabadzhiev. All year round they welcome individuals and groups of up to 12 people. Accommodation costs  15 leva per person (for 6 people) and   30 leva per family.(for 3 families with one child each)To his guests, Enver offers:

-    a walk and an introduction to the traditional husbandry of sheep and cows, milking and feeding.
-    taking part in the traditional preparation of dairy products – yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, etc.
-    a walk among the apiary and extraction of organic honey – 2 leva.
-    the traditional preparation of:
-    Rhodopean katmi (similar to pancakes, with yeast, baked on a ceramic plate) – 0.30 leva for one
-    Rhodopean bathed pastry with homemade cheese (pastry with sheets dipped in boiling water) – 12 leva for a whole pastry or 1 leva per piece.
-    a lamb barbeque or lamb stew on mulberry branches – 30 leva for preparation (price of the products is not included). Upon prior request.

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