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Dimo Karaboyukov’s place in the village Popovets

Dimo Karaboyukov grows vines (5,15 ha wine and table grapes) and alfalfa (3.91 ha)  near the village of Popovets, Stambolovo municipality. He accepts visitors all year round, upon prior request. The groups can be up to 10 people. A walk in the vineyard, including trimming and picking of grapes, for groups of minimum 6 people  is 5.00 leva per person.

The night can be spend in Dimo’s house at a price of: 15.00 leva per person (up to 6 guests);  35.00 leva per family (three families, each with one child).

 What Dimo Karaboyukov can offer you:

A walk among the vineyards and a talk about organic plant growing, as well as homemade wine – 2.00 leva per person.


Traditional preparation of:

thracian katmi – 0.20 leva for one (similar to pancakes, with yeast, baked on a ceramic plate)

-  thracian banitsa (pastry with cheese) or pizza, baked in a ceramic pan buried in amber – 10.00 leva each (only for the autumn-winter period).

-  barbeque (called also “Saush” - lamb stew on bottles) – 30.00 leva for preparation (price of the products is not included, only in the spring-summer period) at the fountain in his vineyards. Upon prior request.

-  roasted or stuffed lamb in furnace – 30.00 leva for preparation, products not included (?) (spring-summer period, still in project(?)). Upon prior request.

-  breakfast with traditional local products – 3.00 leva per person. Upon prior request.

Dimo Karaboyukov is a talented storyteller who knows a lot about the area and its past. The story of his family is also very interesting and he tells it in a fascinating way. He has retained many old items in his house in which almost looks like a museum. In the guest rooms on the second floor you feel like you’ve gone back to the last century.


To contact Dimo Karaboyukov:

+359 887 781022

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