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Pub "Koraba Emona" - Enchets

Region: Kardzhali
Settlement: Enchets
Accommodation in: Restaurants
Category: no category

Additional information

"Emona" is a ship which is returned into a nice fish pub and thus is one of the most emblematic places of the city of Kardzhali. Only here you can order fresh sea scallops, crab, squid and other delights delivered directly from the Aegean Sea. Besides the sea delights, I guess you will enjoy the wonderful fresh bleak, carp, catfish and trout. Emona ship is not just a restaurant, where you can eat delicious seafood, but one of the top destinations in the city of Kardzhali. You will also admire the cool breeze of Kardzhali artificial lake and beautiful views to the Eastern Rhodopes mountains.

History of the ship from the site of Municipality of Kardzhali: The ship "Emona" was built by order of King Boris III in the late thirties of the last century. It was released in 1942 in the waters of the port of Varna. Together with his "twin" - the ship "Kaliakra". "Emona" marked the beginning of the modern Bulgarian Navy. Before 1980 the ship was used to carry regular passenger cruises along the coast. It was not until 1983 when "Emona" was brought
on an impressive platform from the Bourgas bay to the artificial lake Kardzhali. There was an interesting story. At about 15 km from the city of Kardzhali, at a traverse at the village of Chiflik, the ship turned around and lied down in the yard of a roadside house. After huge efforts the ship was returned to the platform and successfully released into the waters of the lake of Kardzhali. Today it has become a place of entertainment. This is the only fully preserved ship from the first half of the XX century in Bulgaria.

Contacts information:

recreation area Enchets at Kardzhali lake
tel. +359 888 348 750