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Ancient necropolis “The Great mound”

Location: It is located in the highest place in the beginning of what now is the village of Svirachi in the municipality of Ivaylovgrad – specially picked so it could be easily seen, with excellent visibility in all directions, providing closer distance with the gods.
It is believed that "the Great Mound" was the tomb of the residents of Villa Armira. The location of the tombs, the method of construction and the objects found during excavations confirm the indisputable link between the two sites. However, there are found evidence of character of Thracian mounds - in the archaeological excavations were found remains of the tomb of a Thracian nobleman and a complex of 2 funeral chariots with the skeletons of four pedigree horses of 2 harnesses and a dog (the first quarter of II century) and traces of two sub-dug graves – children’s grave within the mound (III century) and another similar next to a mound of marble that was robbed.
There is also a hypothesis that the mound was Thracian sanctuary, disguised as a necropolis. Currently, on the place can be seen only part of the mound with stone krepis around him, the items from archaeological excavations can be found in the National History Museum in Sofia.
: Cultural monument with national importance
: Asphalt road at 1 km from the mound, dirt road up to the mound.


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