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On a bicycle in the Rhodopes - BNR, 22.06.2013

First Tarpan Foal for 2013 - For the nature, 02.04.2013

2013's First Tarpan Horse Born in Bulgaria -, 02.04.2013

Curious cases from Bulgarian environmental protection - 13.03.2013

Experts Build Up Population of Fallow Deer in Eastern Rhodopes - 20.02.2013

Rural Tourism Thrives in the Rhodopes - Standart newspaper, 21.12.2012

Johan Bekhuis: the story of a Dutch tourist and environmentalist - BNR, 14.11.2012

Forthcoming edition of Crossbill Guides extols the beauty of the Bulgarian and Greek part of the Rhodopes - BNR, 13.10.2012

Bulgarian farmers cultivate ancient grain einkorn to meet demand - Irish Examiner, 15.08.2012

Bulgarians cultivating ancient einkorn grain - Reuters, 14.08.2012

Observation of the Rare Greater Spotted Eagle in the Eastern Rhodopes -, 01.08.2012

Being a Rhodope farmer - BNR, 01.08.2012

Interview of Herman Dierickx and Anneke Arts of Crossbill Guides, who are writing a guidebook for Eastern Rhodopes - Jazz FM radio, july 2012

Bulgarians and Dutch work together for sustainable development of tourism - BNR, 15.07.2012

Tourists in the Eastern Rhodopes to be offered local organic food -, 10.06.2012

Culinary Days in the Eastern Rhodopes - BNR, 06.06.2012

Suslik Population Found near Kardzhali - 24.05.2012

Along the wild paths of Rhodope Mountains - 23.05.2012

First wild foals, born in Bulgaria were named officially - 07.05.2012

"Days of the tarpans" - BSPB, 12.04.2012

First Tarpan Foals Born in the Eastern Rhodopes - 09.04.2012

Bee health: How EFSA is helping to protect our pollinators - EFSA News, 30.03.2012

Rhodopes in Top 10 of European National Geographic Traveler destinations  - BNR, 12.03.2012

Tarpan days in the Eastern Rhodopes - 05.03.2012

Technologies and materials of over 50 Dutch companies will be presented at AGRA 2012 - Netherlands Embassy, 05.03.2012

Eastern Rhodope Guidebook reveals the beauty of a little known tourist destination - BNR, 22.02.2012

Eastern Rhodopes guide - Daily News, BTA bulletin, 17.02.2012

The First Ever Tourist Guidebook to the Eastern Rhodopes - 13.02.2012

Red Deer to be reintroduced in the Eastern Rhodopes - 24.01.2012

White-tailed eagles sighted near Ivailovgrad - 20.01.2012

Traditional Midwinter Waterbird Census in the Eastern Rhodopes - 19.01.2012

ARK Foundation in BNT documentary - 30.11.2011

The winners of the first competition „Eastern Rhodopes – taste the wild nature“ - 01.11.2011

Open Day for Organic Farming In the Eastern Rhodopes - BTA, 10.09.2011

Bulgaria's First Tarpans to Be Reintroduced in Eastern Rhodopes - BTA, 03.09.2011

Wild horses back to Rhodope landscape - BNR, 01.09.2011

Bulgaria to Reintroduce Extinct Prehistoric Wild Horses -, 30.08.2011

Wild horses come to Bulgaria's eastern Rhodopes - The Sofia Echo, 30.08.2011

Bulgaria has a great potential to become the most desired destination for eco and alternative tourism - TmBulgaria, 29.08.2011

Dutch ambassadors assess the development of the project New Thracian gold - 26.08.2011

Ambassador Van Kesteren is meeting Dutch Charity Ambassadors - 26.08.2011

Bulgarian apiarists demand state subsidies - 19.08.2011

Bulgarian Archaeologist Discovers Unknown Christian Archbishopric at Perperikon -, 16.08.2011

Spelt, an ancient crop reviving - BNR, 27.07.2011

L'épeautre, come back d'une céréale quelque peu oubliée - BNR, 27.07.2011

Unique Blind Beetle Found in Bulgaria Sheds Light on History - 13.07.2011

The New Thracian Gold – organic farming and ecotourism project in the Eastern Rhodopes  - BNR, Bulgarian National Radio program, May 11, 2011

Efforts to Resettle Griffon, Egyptian Vultures in Bulgaria Bear Fruit -, 26.04.2011

Bulgarian, Dutch Experts Make Detailed Travel Map of Eastern Rhodopes - Daily News, BTA bulletin - 26.02.2011

Dutch-Bulgarian Project Discovers "New Thracian Gold" in Eastern Rhodopes -  Interview with NTG team leader Frank Zanderink for Daily News, BTA bulletin - 31.01.2011

They call it "The Wild Farm" - 17.10.2009

Bulgaria's Perperikon - Metallurgical Centre 13 Centuries BC -, 23.02.2007

Bike Route Rudopia

The Rudopia (Рудопия) is a 440 km long mountain bike route, marked with arrows and signs in the Rhodopi mountains, developed by...

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Rhodopean Shorthorn cattle

Rhodopean Shorthorn cattle are the breed with the least specimens in Bulgaria. It’s a primitive form of Bos Taurus Brachyceros, left...

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