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1. Eco trail Bolyartsi to Perperikon (2,5 h)

Municipality of Kardzhali, Eastern Rhodopes

More than 5 millennia ago, ancient people started worshipping and bringing gifts to the Rock. Since those times, the complex which today we call Perperikon has passed through various stages of development – an ancient city, a cult center, a religious hub, an administrative center. This trail will lead you to the very peak of the complex, traversing a forested area, a Muslim ritual site, a bird watching view point, some interesting rock formations, and protected plants. The ecotrail combines nature and history, follow the red and white tree paintings and wooden arrows to arrive at Perperikon. About half of the trail leads through mature deciduous forest and about half is coniferous forest and semi-open wilderness area. Enjoy nature. Information plates will guide you along.    A fresh water fountain as well as a lavatory are available at the ritual site and at the parking lot at the end of the trail.


Length of the path to the parking lot at Perperikon – 3.2 km

Average altitude above sea level – 440 m

GPS: N41.71569 E25.46459


2. The Borovitsa Lodge on Lake Kardzhali – Womb Cave – Iliynitsa village – Dazhdovnitsa village (4,00 h)

The route follows a trail through forest and open terrain and rural dirt roads with old Rhodope houses. Hikers have splendid views of the dam lake and the surrounding hills with chances to experience beautiful nature, history, and local traditions…

Area: Kardzhali

Length: 6,8 km

Elevation gain: 430 - 760 m



3. Potochnitsa village to Stari chal (1,30 h)

A remarkable landscape with beautiful views of the surrounding Rhodope hills, vultures and raptors watching place, and the impressive dam wall of Studen Kladenets lake in the distance.

Area: Krumovgrad

Length: 5,4 km

Elevation gain: 290 - 419 m


4. Valchi dol trail (3,20 h)

Mixed open areas and deciduous forest provide wonderful feeding grounds for Fallow Deer, while May flowers fill the meadows with Peonies (Globe flowers) and Lilacs.

Area: Krumovgrad

Length: 4,9 km

Elevation gain: 210 - 647 m



5. Madzharovo – Kovan Kaya (1,30 h)

On an asphalt road 2 km north of the Eastern Rhodopes Nature Conservation Center. The trail is surrounded by picturesque rocky hillsides and the Flintstone site, which serves as a wonderful picnic area for ornithologists interested in vultures, raptors, bats and Rock Thrush.

Area: Madzharovo

Length: 2,8 km

Elevation gain: 120 - 172 m


6. Madzharovo – Momina skala trail (4,30 h)

A nice walk through a rocky landscape, where you may meet the native Rhodope Shorthorn Cattle.

Area: Madzharovo

Length: 5,3 km

Elevation gain: 170 - 758 m


7. Madzharovo – Chernichino trail: Taste the wilderness! (4,00 h)

This is a wild territory where you could see wild grazing horses and Rhodope Shorthorn Cattle. The area’s beautiful landscape has rich biodiversity made up of a mixture of woods and open terrain as well as soaring vultures and raptors. Enjoy the nature and bird watching by hiking, biking or horseback riding.

Area: Madzharovo

Length: 6,9 km

Elevation gain: 170 - 556 m


8. Ivaylovgrad – Lyutitsa trail (4,30 h)

The route weaves through hills and woods to Lyutitsa, where one of Bulgaria’s best preserved fortresses can be observed.

Area: Ivaylovgrad

Length: 7,0 km

Elevation gain: 90 - 567 m


9. Plevun – Meden buk – Byala reka trail (3,00 h)

Walk along side a mixture of traditional agriculture, abandoned fields, and diverse nature. The Byala Reka (White River) Nature Site offers exceptionally unspoiled Rhodope wilderness with excellent opportunities for bird watching.

Area: Ivaylovgrad

Length: 8,2 km

Elevation gain: 297 - 76 m


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