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Press releases

NEW THRACIAN GOLD 5 YEARS ANNIVERSARY. Open doors weekend in the Eastern Rhodopes 26-27 Apri - 17.03.2014

The winners of NTG Contest - 04.11.2013

European Bison Reintroduction in the Eastern Rhodopes - 27.10.2013

„The Wildlife of Eastern Rhodopes” in Varna and Sliven - 24.10.2013

Deadline of NTG Contest „Eastern Rhodopes – Taste the Wild Nature“ extended till 15 October - 01.10.2013

A week till the deadline of NTG Contest „Eastern Rhodopes – Taste the Wild Nature - 24.09.2013

„The Wild World of the Eastern Rhodopes“ is in Burgas - 18.09.2013

A Newborn Tarpan in the Eastern Rhodopes - 25.08.2013

Fallow Deer in the Eastern Rhodopes Released - 18.08.2013

Bread Festival in the Eastern Rhodopes - 26.07.2013

First Red Deer Offspring in Studen Kladenets Reserve - 18.07.2013

Taste Organic Products from the Eastern Rhodopes at Uzana Fest - 2013 - 08.07.2013

„The Wild World of the Eastern Rhodopes“ is Exposed in the Visitor Center of National Park Rila - 02.07.2013

Share of Experience Trip of NTG Organic Farmers to Austria, Slovenia and Croatia - 09.06.2013

The „Wild World of the Eastern Rhodopes“ Visits Blagoevgrad - 05.06.2013

Official opening of the first organic tahini factory in Bulgaria - 22.05.2013

Felt Atelier in “The Wild Farm” - 30.04.2013

Exhibition The Wild World of the Eastern Rhodopes - 24.04.2013

Crossbill Guidebook: A New Perfect Guide to the Eastern Rhodopes  - 12.04.2013

First Tarpan Foal for 2013 - 02.04.2013

New Thracian Gold at BioAgra 2013 - 04.03.2013

Third edition of NTG Contest „Eastern Rhodopes – Taste the Wild Nature“ - 01.03.2013

Long Distance Hiking and Biking Route „Trans Rhodopi” at Holiday&SPA EXPO 2013 - 13.02.2013

World Wetlands Day in Kardzhali - 01.02.2013

Wolf Attack on Tarpans in the Village of Sbor - 15.01.2013

New Colony of Grey Heron in the Valley of the Arda River - 14.01.2013

The Winners in the Second Edition of NTG Contest „Eastern Rhodopes – taste the wild nature“ - 17.10.2012

Cooking Days in the Eastern Rhodopes 2 - 01.10.2012

Biking tours in the Eastern Rhodopes will be presented at the opening of the Mobility Week - 15.09.2012

Official Opening of “The Route of Cheese” in the Eastern Rhodopes - 14.09.2012

Einkorn Harvest in the Eastern Rhodopean village with a name of einkorn - 07.08.2012

Photo Exhibition “The Mysterious Flowers of the Eastern Rhodopes” - 13.07.2012

A Culinary Guidebook to the Eastern Rhodopes - 05.06.2012

Cooking Days of Healthy and Organic Dishes from the Eastern Rhodopes - 30.05.2012

New Species of Heron in the Heron's Colony in Kardzhali - 14.05.2012

Crossbill Guides Team is Working on Guidebook of the Eastern Rhodopes - 08.05.2012

Outdoor performance of the play “Greenwild” at the Tarpan days - 25.04.2012

New Guest House in the Eastern Rhodopes - 21.04.2012

Nеw Thracian Gold at Green Days 2012 - 19.04.2012

First Tarpan Foals Born in the Eastern Rhodopes - 09.04.2012

Organic Producers in the Eastern Rhodopes are Open to Visitors and Tourists - 05.03.2012

Tarpan Days in April - 03.03.2012

Competition for the most interesting itinerary and best photo „Eastern Rhodopes – taste the wild nature“ - 01.03.2012

The First Ever Tourist Guidebook to the Eastern Rhodopes - 13.02.2012

Reintroduction of Red Deer in the Eastern Rhodopes - 20.01.2012

Traditional Midwinter Waterbird Census in the Eastern Rhodopes - 19.01.2012

Round Table on the Reintroduced for First Time in Bulgaria Tarpans - 28.11.2011

The winners of the first competition „Eastern Rhodopes – taste the wild nature“ - 01.11.2011

Second Open Day for Organic Farming In the Eastern Rhodopes - 07.09.2011

Bulgaria’s first Tarpans (wild horses) to be reintroduced in the Eastern Rhodopes - 30.08.2011

Youngsters will mark eco trail today in the Eastern Rhodopes - 28.08.2011

Dutch Charity Ambassadors witness positive changes in Eastern Rhodopes - 24.08.2011

Bread Festival In the Eastern Rhodopes - 21 July 2011

Competition for the most interesting itinerary and best photo „Eastern Rhodopes – taste the wild nature“ - 06.07.2011

Beautiful orchids are blooming in the Eastern Rhodopes - 5 May 2011

NTG at "Green Days" expo - 27.04.2011

The first vulture for 2011 hatched - 25.04.2011

"The New Thracian Gold" Gives Free Advices to Organic Farmers of AGRA - 09.03.2011

New Tourist Map of Eastern Rhodope - 17.02.2011

A Culinary Guidebook to the Eastern Rhodopes

TransRhodopi Long distance biking trail

The TransRhodopi Long distance mountain biking trail is developed in the Rhodopi mountains in Bulgaria. The trail is mainly off-road. It is built...

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Wildlife photography promo tour

Together with our partners from Photosynthesis we invite you along to capture the beauty of the nature through the lens instead of in the...

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