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EU has Approved Two-Year Extension of Deadline for Restructuring of Dairy Farms in Bulgaria

During meeting of Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health with absolute majority, Member States of European Union adopted two-year extension of deadline for restructuring of dairy farms in Bulgaria, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food informs.

With this decision dairy enterprises in Bulgaria will process adequate and non-adequate milk until December 31, 2013. Thus is given a chance to farms from II category, 24 632 farms with more than 5 cows and 48 287 farms with 4 cows from III category to cover the requirements of European Union and not to be limited sale of row cow’s milk. Simultaneously, the period of cancellation can be used by part of farmers to reorient to another productive direction.

It is forthcoming the Decision to be signed by Commissar of Health and Consumer Protection John Dali and to be published in Official Gazette of EU until the end of 2011.

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