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Eco guides training in the Eastern Rhodopes

Twelve were the participants in specialized training "Introduction to the profession of the mountain guide”, organized by the project “The New Thracian Gold” in four consecutive weeks from 28 October to 19 November 2010. The program touched major topics divided into 4 modules - tourism, mountaineering, first aid equipment and Social Psychology.

The full training course for mountain guides lasts nine months and is held in Sofia by the association “Mountains and People”. Our study aimed to provide the first steps in the guiding of tourist groups in the mountains. Since the project aims to develop alternative forms of tourism in the Eastern Rhodopes, during the training were taken into account the specific characteristics of our mountains and the focus was on developing ecotourism.

Participants were students from eco-club Rodopi, guides with the profile “Archaeological tourism”,
archaeologists and guides “Ornithological tourism” from Kardzhali and Madzharovo.

The program and lecturers were selected in cooperation with the Bulgarian Association for Alternative Tourism. All participants will receive certificates for completion of preparatory course.

Place of implementation - family hotel Trifon Zarezan at the dam lake of Kardzhali.

“The  New Thracian Gold” project is funded by the national postcode lottery of the Netherlands.

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