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Farmers Prove the Training in Agroecology until the end of November

Farmers, approved for the first time for support under Measure 214 “Agro ecological Payments” in 2010, have to submit documents proving the existence of experience in their activities, until November 30, 2011. The term regards also to farmers, who suspended their agro ecological commitments in years of change and approved again in 2010, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food informs on its website.

Documents are submitted in Regional Directorates of State Fund “Agriculture”. Farmers can apply diploma for passed exam in agro ecology certificate for a course, training or information studies, issued by the training institution. The presence of experience can be proved by a letter of advice for payments under Measure 1.3 “Development of Agricultural Activities aiming preservation of environment” under Program SAPARD. Farmers who apply sub measure “Biological agriculture” can prove their experience by certificate or document proof. Certificate must be issued by controlling person, approved by Minister of Agriculture and Food.

Fund can cease the commitments to beneficiaries, who do not submit their documents on time. In these cases there is opportunity they to recover 100% of received subsidies.

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