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Diet Study of Egyptian Vultures in Greece

Team of the Bulgarian Society for Protection Birds (BSPB) participated from 21 to 23 October in the started diet study on the diet of f the Egyptian Vulture in the Greek part of the Eastern Rhodopes at the invitation of WWF Greece. Food residues were collected from five nests of species they will be analyzed by experts from the National Museum of Natural History and BSPB, the BSPB website informs.

The situation of the Egyptian Vulture in Greece is worse than in Bulgaria. The trend of decrease is sharper and now, the population is probably less than 30 pairs. The species probably suffers mostly from the illegal use of poisons against predators, which in Greece is much more prevalent than in Bulgaria.

The preliminary results from a diet study of Egyptian Vultures on about 70 nests in Bulgaria can be found at the site of the type:

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