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Annual autumn Bird Counting

Annual bird counting in the Eastern Rhodopes in Bulgaria and Greece. The main organizer Bird countingof this initiative is the Bulgarian Society for Protection of Birds together with the Green Balkans Association and Greek colleagues from WWF Greece and EPO Greece. A team of the NTG project - coordinator Hristo Hristov and 7 youngsters from Rhodope eco club - took part in the initiative too.

This activity started in 2006 and its main purpose is to establish the size of the population of Griffon Vultures in the Eastern Rhodope and its age structure.

The NTG team's view point was nearby the wall of Studen kladenets dam-lake. Other volunteers from NTG joined other teams who observed other different points of the Arda river valey.

The results were reported in the Nature concervation center in Madzharovo - in the Bulgarian part of the Eastern Rhodopes, on the Arda valey 66 Vultures were counted. Also 7 different herds of Fallow Deer were seen on the future eco trail in Studen kladenets area. Every herd consists of aproximately 7-20 animals. Two of them were albinos. One female Red Deer was seen in Patronka area.

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