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Over BGN 11 Million Will Be Invested in Modernization of Agricultural Holdings and Rural Tourism

State Fund “Agriculture” approved grants amounted to BGN 11 077 173 for 56 projects under three measures of Rural Development Program (RDP), the Ministry of Agriculture and Foods announces.

Financing nearly BGN 5 564 000 will go to 37 projects under Measure 121 “Modernization of agricultural holdings”. The beneficiaries will use the aid to cover the requirements of Nitrates Directive of European Union. They will equip their holdings with specialized techniques and facilities. Other will invest in farm transition from traditional to organic production.

Under Measure 312 “Support for Establishment and Development of Micro Enterprises” 36 candidates will receive over BGN 5 133 000. It is approved a project under Measure 311 “Diversification toward Non-Agricultural Activities” with subsidy worth over BGN 380 000. Part of the proposals is in sphere of rural tourism.

Other projects provided building of photovoltaic station. By financing under RDP will also be purchased equipment for the extraction of non-metallic minerals.   

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