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Areas Cultivated With Organic Cultures in Bulgaria Have Increased 10 Times Since 2008

Areas cultivated with bio cultures in Bulgaria have increased approximately to 10 times since 2008 to present, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food informed. This was announced at the closing conference of the "Biomania 2011" "Europe gives funding for organic farming," which was held in Sofia.

 "The rate of subsidies absorption provided under RDP Measure 214" Agroecology payments", however, is still low, although organic production in the country has increased  of 75% and the efforts should continue  to be focused in that direction ", Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Svetlana Boyanova said at the opening of the conference. With the seventh amendment of the Rural Development Programme provides for 32 million euros from the budget of the Measure 214 "Agri-environment payments" to be transferred to Measure 121 "Modernisation of farms" for investment in organic farming. Registered organic producers will be supported, added Deputy Minister Boyanova. Currently 5% of the budget  under Measure 121 is provided to farmers who wish to switch from conventional to organic production.

The seminar was attended by experts from the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, representatives of the "Bioselena" and other bio organisations and producers of organic products from the country.

Among the most attractive organic crops in the country are walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds.

Besides areas with organic cultures in Bulgaria, the number of beekeepers who switched to organic production has also increased compared to 2008.

In the proposals to amend the Common Agricultural Policy a separate measure for organic agriculture is envisaged with 25% of budget funds for rural areas", Deputy Minister Boyanova said.


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