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The New Thracian Gold Presented at the “Mountains of Bulgaria” Fair

Entrepreneurs from the Western Rhodopes  have shown interest in the project "The New Thracian Gold" (NTG). They would like to visit the Eastern Rhodopes to learn how they can find their own "gold" and implement the sustainable NTG approach in their region as an alternative for the mass mountain tourism.

The project was presented at the opening of the eighth edition of the international tourist exhibition "Mountains of Bulgaria" (13-15 October) in Smolyan. Organizers of the exhibition are the regional tourism association “Rodopi”  and the Smolyan Municipality with the support of the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism. The event was hosted by the Regional Administration of Smolyan.

At the opening of the 8th edition of the international tourism fair in the town of Smolyan Bulgaria’s Deputy Minister of Economy Ivo Marinov said that tourism in Bulgaria had marked five-percent growth. Over four million tourists visited Bulgaria in the first eight months of the current year alone. The revenues from tourism have grossed 1.9 billion euro, Marinov added. Most of the guests come from Russia, Ukraine, Central Europe, Serbia and Macedonia.

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