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Parner Farmers of NTG Participated in the “Biomania” 2011 Fair

On October 13 2011, an Agro ecology day took place at the fair “Biomania” . The event was supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and organized by the foundation “Bioselena” from Karlovo. There were foods and other products from organic producers, certified or in the process of certification, from both Natura 2000and high nature value  areas.

On the grounds of the Agricultural University of Plovdiv, host of the event, hundreds of guests and visitors had the opportunity to taste the products of 13 producers and processors from the  Eastern Rhodopes region: nuts from the agriculture station in Kardzhali, honey from the villages of Gorno pole and Topolovo, sesame and tahini from Ivaylovgrad, table grapes, wine and fruits from the regions of Stambolovo and Ivaylovgrad, the unique spelt from Rabovo and more. All of these foods were produced by the partners of the project “The New Thracian Gold”(NTG). A poster was presented for the model organic farm of the project in the village of Topolovo. There was considerable interest toward the producers of the NTG project from the management of the Agricultural University and from the secretary of the Ministry of Education and Science. All exhibitors received honorary diplomas.
In his opening speech Prof. Vladislav Popov, coordinator of organic agriculture component for the NTG project, stressed the importance of organic agriculture for rural development and the production of organic foods for health purposes. The event was covered by the media, the television networks BNT and NBT broadcasted coverage about the event, as well as radio Plovdiv.

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