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Strandzha Entrepreneurs Visited The Eastern Rhodopes

A group of 31 entrepreneurs from Strandzha Mountains visited the Eastern Rhodopes in the period of 4 October to 7 October. The objective of this visit was share of experience of people from the two regions striving to develop it into attractive eco tourism destinations. The trip was organized by the Management board of the Strandzha Nature Park supported by the Tourism component of the NTG project.

The program was a combination of visits and discussions on tourism sites and agriculture practices.

The group visited Ivaylovgrad,  the "Wild Farm" of Bety and Nikolay in the village of Gorno pole, the complex "Tepavitsata" of Stefka and Petko in the village of Rabovo. Strandzha entrepreneurs met the two young farmers in the village of Plevun, Todor and Miro, and the producers of grapes and wine Yonko and Dimo in Stambolovo. A visit to the model farm within the project in the village of Topolovo was also in the program. The Standzha entrepreneurs talked with Kassim, the farm owner. They also talked with Sevda and Feti, who are rebuilding a guest house and own a small restaurant in the village of Madrets. Last day in Kardzhali the group met the Eco club of young people which activities are also supported by the NTG project. Strandzha entrepreneurs admired the great number of young people who are involved in tourism activities in the Eastern Rhodopes which they find a real advantage for the region compared to Strandzha where most of the people are in retired age.

The visit was the second opportunity for exchanging of experience between Eastern Rhodopes and Strandzha tourism developers.  Last year, 15 entrepreneurs from the Eastern Rhodopes in the field of rural tourism and agriculture visited Strandzha to learn from their experience and expertize.

As a result of the two visits the entrepreneurs from Strandzha and the Rhodopes exchanged contact details and planned to stay in touch for future cooperation.  They are planning to joint efforts and organize Folklore festival – one year in Strandzha and next in the Rhodopes. Another idea is to organize a seminar on establishing cooperatives and association in the Rhodopes using the more than ten years experience in Strandzha.

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