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"BioMania 2011"

A series of events under the initiative "BioMania 2011" will be held in October in Bulgaria. They are part of a campaign by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food to promote organic farming and organic products by demonstrating best practices and organizing the celebration of farmers in agri-environmental direction under the Rural Development Program 2007-2013, the Minsitry announced. The festival aims to give opportunity to show good agro-ecological farming practices, exchange of experiences among farmers, promoting the Measure 214 "Agroecological payments", exposing  agricultural products from farms that have received support for agri-environmental activities (organic foods and products, fruits  from traditional orchards, food and products of rare breeds of domestic animals, exhibition of traditional agricultural practices in areas of high nature value farming and pastoralism).
Organizers of "Biomania 2011" are the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and "Studio Golden Age" LTD. The initiative begins on 8 Octobery and will include various events throughout the country.
The first event will be held in cooperation with the "Bioselena" Foundation in Sliven on October 8. It will include  Day of rare local breeds and demonstrations on how to produce cheese farm with tasting exhibition of rare local breeds etc. Events will be organized in Stara Zagora, Plovdiv, Chiprovtsi, Burgas and Sofia.
The highlight of the event as part of "BREN 2011" will be holding a celebration to open on 15 October in Sofia "Zaimov Park" where there will be a presentation of Bulgarian organic products, tastings, games and other entertainment. Special guest of the exhibition will be gourmet Bachvarov UTI, which will prepare selected recepies with organic food products. 

For all events you may follow the Facebook page of the initiative "Biomania 2011".    

The New Thracian Gold (NTG) team appeals to the working in the project organic and in-conversation farmers and to its partners in the municipalities and in the NGO sector to take part in Biomania 2011. Vladislav Popov, coordinator on organic farming in the project is working on the opportunity the NTG organic and in-conversation farmers to present food products of the Eastern Rhodopes at the exhibition on 13 October in the Agricultural University – Plovdiv.

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