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IFOAM launched its Organic Guarantee System and the Global Organic Mark

On 14th February 2011 after six years of discussion IFOAM launched its Organic Guarantee System and the Global Organic Mark, EcoConnect bulletin announces. Key elements of that reform are the so called 'Family of Standards', a list of organic good practice standards. It contains all standards officially endorsed as organic by the Organic Movement, based on their equivalence with the Common Objectives and Requirements of Organic Standards.

There are already more than 40 members of this “family”, both national and private. Among them are the EU Organic Regulation, national organic regulations of Germany, Italy, Hungary,

Switzerland, USA, Canada, Turkey, India, China, Israel, Japan, Argentina, etc. and such private standards as Gäa, Germany, Bolicert, Bolivia and there are more to join.

Thus, IFOAM is offering the first global organic product logo. The mark can be used by farmers and the organic processing and trade industry if they fulfil the demanding production requirements of the Organic Movement.

"We are launching a new era" says Katherine DiMatteo, IFOAM President. "The Family of Standards and the Global Organic Mark are outstanding milestones in the history of the Organic Movement. Now, the stakeholders in the market have to recognize the huge potentials of these new tools."



Further information can be found on the IFOAM official web page or IFOAM Ecology & Farming magazine nr. 2, April edition 


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