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Youngsters started the marking of eco trail in the Eastern Rhodopes

Young eco activists from Kardzhali started the marking of a new eco trail from Madzharovo to the village of Chernichino in the Eastern Rhodopes. They will get help from the two charity ambassadors of the Dutch Postcode Lottery Rikus and Sijmen who are in the region to get acquainted with the achievements of the project "The New Thracian gold" supported by the lottery.

The trail length will be approximately five kilometers and will be marked in white and yellow, as it will adjoin the protected area "Momina Skala. The trail will be suitable for hiking and mountain biking.

So far "The New Thracian gold" project has placed information boards on eco-trail from the village of Bolyartsi toward Perperikon, in the Vulture center in Madjarovo and in the village of Gorno pole.

Until the end of the year also info boards will be placed in Kardhzali and Ivaylovgrad, in the village of Glavatartsi on Kardzhali lake, in the center of the village of Pelevun, near “Studena” bistro in the village of Studen Kladenets and in the hunting reserve “Studen Kladenets” .

By the end of the year NTG will issue a small brochure with all the marked eco trails, information boards, with locations and descriptions of sites and places. Next year all marked eco trails will be connected in a long distance trail passing through the Eastern Rhodopes.

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