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Dutch Postcode Lottery Charity Ambassadors visit the Eastern Rhodopes

Dutch Postcode Lottery Charity Ambassadors Rikus Wegman and Sijmen Tenwolde started their visit to Bulgaria with a meeting with the Ambassadors of the netherlands Karel van Kesteren. The two guys are until 2 September in Bulgaria to witness the achievements made in the “New Thracian Gold” project (NTG), Dutch-Bulgarian project on sustainable development of the Esstern Rhodopes.

Rikus and Sijmen, 27 years old students were selected by the Lottery on 31 March among over 5200 applications.

Starting June 1, Rikus and Sijmen are travelling the world to report on the work of charities (beneficiaries) supported by the Lottery, among which is New Thracian Gold.

In the Eastern Rhodopes both young guys will participate in color marking the ecotrail Madzharovo-Chernichino during a training tour for local nature guides and in GPS tracking of semi-wild Karakachan horses. They will visit the model farm (organic food) in the village of Topolovo established within the NTG project, the Vulture center in Madzharovo, the nature reserve in Studen Kladenets, the planed Red deer and Tarpan horses reintroduction areas, meet and talk with local people.

Rikus and Sijmen have the opportunity to see the rich biodiversity of the beautiful Eastern Rhodopes, to meet with local people and experts on the project, to discuss its potential as a prosperous nature lovers’ destination and report about the achievements made by NTG in its three components: eco tourism, organic farming and wilderness.

The Eastern Rhodopes are in the middle of trip of Rikus and Sijmen which covers Bonaire, Brazil, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, South Africa, Spain, India, Thailand, Cambodia and Borneo.

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