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Ornithological tourism in Bulgaria is most attractive for Britons

About 1500 foreign tourists visited Bulgaria last year to enjoy our rich nature, to see and photograph rare butterflies, birds, bats, lizards and flowers, Zemia (Earth) daily reports.

Among those foreign tourists birdwatchers are most numerous and they come from Britain, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, America, Canada. Birdwatching is very popular in those countries. In Great Britain the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds stimulates foreign birdwatching trips and Bulgaria is on their list of hotspots. Especially those birds not occuring in their home country are very popular (e.g. pelicans, vultures, eagles). 

Since 2010 there are also organized tours for reptiles and amphibians – especially around the Melnik, Kresna, Kouzhuh Mountain and the Black Sea coast in Strandzha. Digital photography is ultimate trophy hunting tool of these nature tourists, digital photos their souvenirs.

According to the New Thracian Gold project team the Eastern Rhodopes are becoming more and more a popular destination for bird watchers and amphibia and reptile lovers. The area is famous for its vulture watching opportunities. Binoculars, telescopes and digital cameras are getting part of the street scene.

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