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Guest house in Madrets officially opened

Traditional cooking and hospitable people meet you in the guest house in the village of Madrets. Thehouse is another branch of the New Thracian Gold's network in the Eastern Rhodopes. Besides the house in Madrets, the houses in Gorno pole (Madzharovo area), Rabovo and Popovets (Stambolovo area) are part of this network. Two guest houses will open their doors in September in the village of Pelevun (Ivaylovgrad area). In 2015 will start the reconstruction of four more houses in the villages of Pelevun, Kostilkovo, Potochnitsa and Tankovo.

The village of Madrets is located 16 km east of Kardzhali and 5 km away from the archaeological site of Perperikon. The guest house Madrets is a nice spot to relax, taste local food, and enjoy the great view over the valley. The house offers 6 double guest rooms with pivate toilet, a living room, big terrace, nice veranda, large summer house and green yard. Parking lot and WiFi available.

Photos can be seen on Facebook HERE.     

Rhodopean Shorthorn cattle

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Organic model farm

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