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Volunteers from the Netherlands support ecotourism development of the Eastern Rhodopes

Dutch young men Pieter Dijk and Tomas de Gooijer support the ecotourism development in the reserve Studen kladenets in the Eastern Rhodopes by working as volunteers for three weeks from July 2 to 24, 2014. Boosting ecotourism development in Studen kladenets area is New Thracian gold's initiative.

Pieter and Tomas cleaned part of the shore of the lake Studen kladenets and arranged a camp site nearby the lodge. Young men help serving tourists, monitoring red deer in the area, and marking one of the ecotrails. They prepare two information panels for the wildlife hides in Studen kladenets, clean the surrounding area, and fix the photoholes of the hides.

Pieter and Tomas know Studen kladenets area from 2012 when they made their internship in the Eastern Rhodopes. During their work they elaborated indiviual touist portfolio for nine guest houses and hotels from the New Thracian gold's network. The portfolio is used by the owners to promote their accommodations as well as sites of interest in the area. See the news item from 2012 here.

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