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NTG network and TransRhodope trail at the Green days festival 2014

The New Thracian Gold network was presented as a good practice for destination management at the nternational conference "Food and Nature in Bulgaria Contributing to Green Sustainable Business", organized on May 9, 2014 in the French insitute in Sofia. The subject of the presentation provided by Mihaela Kircheva - ecotourism coordinator was "New Thracian Gold - People and Nature Together for the Green Future of the Rhodope Mountain". Blagovesta Vasilieva - a member of the NTG network also presented her "Wild farm - a Modern Farm with Old Traditions or the Successful Example of Keeing the Traditions in the 21st century". The program of the conference is here

The New Thracian Gold was part of the Green days festival from 10 to 13 May 2014 in Sofia. The Green days is an outdoor event for promoting the organic farming, sustainable tourism, nature friendly living, responsible business development, etc. The program of the festival is here

The TransRhodope trail and the Rewilding Europe initiative were also presented in the main tent of the Green days festival.

Photos from our participation in the Green days festival 2014 can be seen on or facebook page here

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