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First tarpan foals in Boynik Planina in the Eastern Rhodopes

This spring, the first three tarpan foals were born in Boynik planina area in Eastern Rhodopes. The first born foal is male and was named Teres after the name of the Thracian king Teres I, the first king of the Odrysian state of Thrace. Two foals were born in the herd near the abandoned village of Sbor, Krumovgrad Municipality. The foals and their mothers feel very good.

More tarpan foals are expected to be born in the coming weeks.

The first tarpans were brought to the Sbor area from the Netherlands in 2011 and have already successfully adapted to the nature. In autumn 2013, a new tarpan group was transported to the Eastern Rhodopes. After two months quarantine period the horses were moved with help of local people to Boynik Planina area where their adaptation continues. The horses feel very well and are successfully adapting to the new conditions. This shows the results of daily monitoring made by the horse expert of NTG project .


See here photos and videoclip with Teres - here

Read here about the NTG efforts for the reintroduction of tarpans in Bulgaria.

Would you like to see the tarpans near Sbor? You have this fantastic opportunity during the NTG Weekend of the open doors on 26 and 27 April. Check out here the full program of the days:

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