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The Eastern Rhodopes and NTG in the News

The Eastern Rhodopes, its beauty and hospitable people are in the centre of several articles and reportages in the Bulgarian media in June and July.


They are a result of the trip organized by the ”New Thracian Gold” project from 2 to 5 June 2011. The trip showed journalists from leading Bulgarian media the places in the area where the project is actively working on three components: ecotourism, organic farming and wildlife.


The first reportage of Darik radio was broadcasted under the title “On our way to the heaven – the Eastern Rhodopes with “The New Thracian Gold”.  Darik radio broadcasted a series of reportages – on cattle for organic meat in the Eastern Rhodopes, on the owner of the model organic farm in the village of Topolovo Kassim Arabadzhiev, on Betty and Nikolay Vassilievi who run “The Wild farm” in the village of Gorno pole, on the nature reserve Studen Kladenets, on the farmer Petko Angelov from the village of Rabovo who grows spelt and runs a guest house and on the eco tourism potential in the Studen Kladenets dam.


Standart daily published a two page article on the Eastern Rhodopes saying that in this region all is genuine – from people to the food. The daily published the story of “The New Thracian Gold” project. The farmer from Rabovo Petko Angelov and his ambition to breathe new life into the spelt, the ancient Bulgarian cereal crops inspired Standart daily journalist to write a feature about him.  


Tema newsmagazine published a three page article on the region of the Eastern Rhodopes and its treasures unknown for many Bulgarian.  The article of Ossem newsmagazine is “Treasury house with future”.


Two media had interviews with Frank Zanderink, the team leader of “The New Thracian Gold” project on its future plans and the prospects of the Eastern Rhodopes to become an attractive destination for eco tourism – BiNet and Darik radio.


Beautiful orchids of the Eastern Rhodopes impressed many of the readers of Dnevnik daily in June in the photo story of the two experts on wildlife and biodiversity in “The New Thracian Gold project” Hristo Hristov and Stefan Avramov.

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