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Fallow deer were released into the wild in the Eastern Rhodopes

In March, twenty five fallow deer were released into the wild near the village Chernoochene, Kardzhali District.

The deer were transferred by the Hunting Reserve "Studen kladenets". They spent the winter in a fenced area of about 100 decars near the village of Chernoochene to adapt to the conditions in the area. On March 20, the enclosure doors were open and part of the fence was also removed. A day later, the deer move freely in the area. They will be fed a few more weeks , then overgrown with grass would pass entirely natural grazing. For a time the deer will be monitored and guarded against stray dogs. The local hunters will put efforts to protect them from poachers.

The release of fallow deer in the wild in the Eastern Rhodopes is part of the initiative of the New Thracian Gold, National Hunting and Fishing Association - Union of Hunters and Anglers in Bulgaria, Hunting and Fishing Association "Sokol " Krumovgrad and the Association of Hunters and Anglers - Kardzhali to recover the fallow deer in the Eastern Rhodopes . In 2013 and 2014, over 50 fallow deer were relocated in the territories of the village of Tintiava, Krumovgrad Municipality and the village of Chernoochene near Kardzhali.

The aim of New Thracian Gold is a step by step fallow deer to be recovered in the Eastern Rhodopes.

 One of the important roles of fallow deer is to keep the mosaic landscape of the Eastern Rhodopes, which is of great importance for the conservation of the rich biodiversity of this region. Remains of dead fallow deer are an important food for griffon, Egyptian and black vulture. Fallow deer makes the Eastern Rhodopes more attractive to tourists, it is also increasing the income of the local population.

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