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A larger presentation of the NTG results at AGRA 2014

For a fifth year in a row, the New Thracian Gold project participated in the International Agricultural Exhibition AGRA.

The NTG stand was situated in the Palace N: 3 in the International Plovdiv Fair where visitors got information and shared experience with producers from the Eastern Rhodopes. They had the opportunity to taste einkorn flour and products from Mr. Petko Angelov’s organic farm in Rabovo, wine from Mr. Yonko Todorov and Mr. Dimcho Dimitrov from Stambolovo region, tahini paste and honey from the ‘Biotera’ Ltd., the first organic tahini factory in Kondovo, Ivaylovgrad region, as well as sesame, herbs, bread, jam and other products from the region of the Eastern Rhodopes.

For a third time in a row, the NTG organic producers were provided with an own stand at BioAgra and a big space for their products, thus allowing for better direct communication with consumers, buyers, traders and other interested potential clients of the NTG products and services. A special attention to the NTG stand was paid by the Minister of Agriculture and Food Prof. Dimitar Grekov.

Besides the NTG presentation at the NTG stand, another focus of BioAgra 2014 was on communication with organic stakeholders in Bulgaria. NTG representatives participated in a Seminar on Producers Organisations (organised by the Dutch Embassy in Bulgaria) on March 6), the annual meeting of the Bulgarian Organic Products Association on March 7th, and in the International Conference "Economic aspects of organic agriculture" where Dr. Vladislav Popov presented the NTG project and its achievements and where the NTG organic producers Mr. Petko Angelov was nominated for the award ‘Bio-factor 2014’ for his dedicated work on organic einkorn production.

Numerous NTG organic brochures, PR and promotion materials were delivered to interested visitors and fellow farmers at the NTG stand.

Numerous interviews were given to electronic and written media such as, Bulgarian National Radio (Sofia and Plovdiv), Darik Radio’-Plovdiv, Agra newspaper, Agrozona and Agro-compass newsmagazines, etc.

For a third time, an ‘Evening of Organic food’ was organised by the NTG organic component and the staff of the Dutch Embassy in Sofia. More than 15 Dutch companies met their Bulgarian partners, among them NTG and Eastern Rhodopean producers. Organic products from the ER were tasted and special presentation of the wine of Yonko Todorov and Dimcho Dimitrov from Stambolovo, and einkorn bread from Petko Angelov’s farm were made.

Overall, the NTG team succeeded in achieving a larger presentation of the NTG results and achievements thus creating new marketing contact and opportunities for target NTG farmers and farming groups.

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