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Karakachan foals in the area of Kostilkovo village, Municipality of Ivaylovgrad

Recently, the first three foals were born in the herd of the Karakachan horses of the New Thracian Gold in the area of Kostilkovo village, Municipality of Ivaylovgrad (Eastern Rhodopes). All three are male horses and are doingvery well. “We expect the herd to get 4 more foals until the end of the spring”, reports Hristo Hristov, NTG Wilderness Coordinator.

The Kostilkovo-herd of Karakachan horses has been established under the The New Thracian Gold project with the main goal to maintain the habitats in the Byala reka protected area.

You can visit the karakachan horses near Kostilkovo village during the NTG Open Doors Weekend in the Eastern Rhodopes (26-27 April 2014). The detailed program of the event will follow soon.

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