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The Rhodopes Are Among The Most Popular Bulgarian Tourist Destinations For Foreigners

The Rhodopes are among the most popular tourist destinations among the foreigners who visit Bulgaria. This is the outcome of a recent survey conducted on the request of the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism.

The Rhodopes are one the regions in Bulgaria with the highest density of cultural and archeological sites. The region has a beautiful nature, especially the Eastern Rhodopes have a very rich biodiversity, among the most rich ones in all Europe. The region offers plenty of opportunities for eco tourism, for extreme, biking, hiking, bird watching, kayaking, etc tourism activities.

Among the most popular destinations are further the region of Thrace, Rila and Pirin mountains, the survey says

Cultural and spa activities are considered the most attractive forms of tourism among the foreign tourists in Bulgaria. Bulgarians prefer to visit relatives or travel to the countryside during their summer breaks.

Foreigners spend between EUR 70 and EUR 90 per day on average when visiting Bulgaria and usually stay 9-10 days, while native Bulgarian tourists spend just EUR 19-EUR 25 daily and stay 5-6 days.

Many foreigners prefer to combine several different types of tourism during their stay in Bulgaria in order to make their experience more dynamic, the survey concludes.

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