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Bioterra – Ivaylovgrad First in the Eastern Rhodopes Joined the BioTaxi Initiative

The organic tahini factory Bioterra, a member of the New Thracian Gold network in the Eastern Rhodopes is among the first clients of the recently started initiative BioTaxi.

Pavlov organic farm, in partnership with Svilen Kllassanov form the Sun and Moon (shop and restaurant chain in Sofia) initiated and launched the BioTaxi initiative for organic food certified producers and all producing environmentally farmers and processors. They provide a specialized transport called BioTaxi for delivery of organic and eco product from the producers to dealers or shops. 

Bioterra – Ivaylovgrad is the first in Bulgaria organic tahini factory. NTG team believes that more organic and in conversion producers will follow Bioterra and join the BioTaxi initiative to improve their marketing capacity.


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