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TransRhodopi Presented in Sofia and Bansko

The TransRhodope long distance biking route initiated and made by the New Thracian Gold (NTG) was presented and promoted during the Days of the Challenges, an autumn festival of responsible tourism, outdoor activities and adventures in the nature (3-5 December 2013).

The map of the TransRhodopi was the best-seller at the NTG desk, says Mihaela Kircheva, Coordinator on eco tourism in the project. The majority of the visitors were young active people, mountaineers, bikers, climbers, travelers and nature lovers, all of them committed to the idea of responsible attitude towards the nature and eco friendly activities in the mountain. The project desk offered several NTG products: the tourist map and the guidebook to the Eastern Rhodopes, the Crossbill guidebook to this area, brochures, informational and promotional materials.

A special presentation on the NTG project and The TransRhodopi was made in the third day of the event. During the whole three–day festival, participants, visitors and guests enjoyed the short video clip about the Route.

On 22 November, The TransRhodopi was presented during the Bansko Film Fest in the Bansko ski resort (Southwestern Bulgaria).


See here photos from the two events

You can buy the map online

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