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154 Griffon Vultures in the Eastern Rhodopes

On 23 November, BSPB teams counted 154 Griffon vultures in the Eastern Rhodopes, as Sanie Myumyun, one of the Society members reported to the NTG website. The spotted vultures around the town of Kotel were 2, in the Central Balkan – 6, in the Vrachanski Balkan – 6 and in the Kresna Gorge - 14.

The 9th consecutive census of birds in the Balkans was carried out on 23 November (Saturday). The event this year was organized by the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB) and Vulture conservation foundation (VCF) in partnership with other nature conservation organizations in Bulgaria and abroad. It was executed by over 20 teams from Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia. The purpose of the census is to determine the total population numbers of birds in the Balkans, and their age structure.

In early winter, breeding period of the Vultures begin and demographic parameters of the population provide valuable data on the status and development of specie. Last year 599 Griffon vultures were registered, with only the Eastern Rhodopes holding 161 birds.

The survey in the Eastern Rhodopes was supported by New Thracian Gold and ARK Foundation.

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