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32 Hotels with 1000 Beds for Guests and Tourists in the Eastern Rhodopes

The hotel business in Kardzhali is booming. At the end of the year, the hotels in the region are 32 with 1000 beds in total, Standart daily writes28 680 overnights were registered in September. Last month, 4 101 guests have visited the region, of which 707 are foreigners, mainly Turks and Greeks.

 "By the end of 2013 we expect the visit of the 7 millionth tourist in Bulgaria and to pass the EUR 3 billion income from tourism for 2013", Deputy Minister of Economy and Tourism Branimir Botev announced during a meeting with the tourism industry.

For a country with the population of only 7.2 million, this impressive data means that there has been one tourist per each Bulgarian living in the country.

By 2020 the annual numbers of tourists to Bulgaria is expected to increase to more than 9 million, while by 2030 to more than 12 million per year.


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