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Eastern Rhodopes entrepreneurs inspired by a share-of-experience trip

Each year NTG’s tourism officers organize a special study tour for our team of B&B entrepreneurs. To learn from experienced B&B owners in other Bulgarian regions. This year the share-of-experience trip went to the area of Predela, Southwestern Bulgaria (23-26 June 2011)


12 entrepreneurs from Eastern Rhodopes participated and were inspired for improvements in their guest houses .Six persons of the current group already  participated in the share -of- experience trip in the region of Strandzha in 2010.


Eastern Rhodopes tourism entrepreneurs saw good practices and shared several ideas with Predela people who develop rural and ecotourism in Rila and Pirin nature parks for more than 20 years. They came up with new plans for developing new services and tourist attractions in the region of the Eastern Rhodopes and implement eco techiques for the construction and refurnishing of their guest houses.


As a result of the both trips in 2010 and 2011 the Eastern Rhodopes B&B entrepreneurs are starting to unite their efforts for developing their region as an attractive destination for alternative tourism.

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