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Seminar on organic marketing for Eastern Rhodopes producers

21 agricultural producers from the Eastern Rhodopes participated in the seminar on organic marketing and legislation requirements related to it organized by the New Thracian Gold  (NTG) project on 10 June in Kardzhali.
The major lecturers were Assoc. Prof. V.Popov (Avalon BG-Plovdiv) and Mr. Nikolaj Tihov, agronomist and consultant from Bioselena Foundation. They provided a number of presentations where a broad spectrum of questions on organic marketing was covered, e.g. marketing planning, marketing execution, prices, promotion, marketing connections between producers, processors and traders. Both lecturers stressed the need for strict observing of the rules set up by EC organic regulations 834/2009 and 889/2008 that are applicable to organic producers, processors and traders. Examples were given on marketing of organic produce (milk, honey, nuts, grain, sesame, etc.) and specific advices to NTG producers.
Case-by-case consultancy was provided to the formed clusters of producers: honey, fruit, sesame and grape producers.
Participants were given individual consultations on agro-technical questions and on criteria, conditions and administration of the 2011 financial support provided by the NTG organic component to the NTG target organic producers for 50% rebate of their certification fees.

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