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Walking on the TransRhodopi

From 4 to 25 August, seven foreigners walked on the tourist “Sultain's Trail” (Vienna – Istanbul) part of which on the TransRhodopi, the long distance route made by New Thracian Gold. Sedat Shakir, an initiator of the “Sultain's Trail” and chairperson of the Foundation of the same name was in this group. NTG is a partner in the organization of the walk connecting it with guest houses and farms from the project network.

The group passed Borino, Trigrad, Mugla, Smolyan, Madan, Ardino, Lyubino, Kardzhali, Madrets, Popovets, Madzharovo and Ivaylovgrad. In Ivaylovgrad, they had a meeting with the Mayor Diana Ovcharova. Mihaela Kircheva, NTG coordinator on eco tourism joined the tourist group for a while of the trail.

Part of the “Sultain's Trail” in the Rhodopes goes on the Transrhodpe route and the tourists can stay in guest houses there. This is one more way to promote the network of NTG and its services, whereas the NTG network has the opportunity to get in touch with new accommodation places located on the “Sultain's Trail” (in Smolyan, Madan, Ardino etc.), Mihaela Kircheva explains.

The concept of the “Sultain's Trail” is to have a route of amity, peace and getting introduced to various cultures and religions. The “Sultain's Trail” initiator believes that his initiative is a good example of the sustainable tourism and can bring economic benefits to the local communities.

Sedat's roots are in Bulgaria, his grandparents were born in the village of Svetulka, Ardino Municipality. In the 50's they with his parents moved to Turkey. Later on, Sedat's family settled in the Netherlands.

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