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A Newborn Tarpan in the Eastern Rhodopes

Recently, a new foal was born in the herd of the wild horses Tarpans in the Eastern Rhodopes. The newborn Nachko and his mother Nupta are doing very well.

This is the third newborn this year in the Tarpan heard in the Eastern Rhodopes. Despite the hot summer and the long drought the horses are in a very good condition. The Tarpans in the Eastern Rhodopes are 17 in total.

New Thracian Gold project is successfully conducting the first ever reintroduction of Tarpans in Bulgaria, a rebreed of wild horses that have lived hundreds of years ago in Europe.

In September 2011, the first 12 Tarpans arrived in Bulgaria from the Netherlands and settled in the Eastern Rhodopes. The Tarpans are living in the area of the abandoned village of Sbor, Municipality of Krumovgrad. Their role in Eastern Rhodopean nature will be the same as in ancient times: to graze the wild vegetation, to mould the wilderness and to support a natural ecosystem. The Tarpan adaptation goes very well.


See here more about the NTG efforts on the reintroduction of Tarpans in Bulgaria

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